The yerba maté leaf from the Amazon jungle is our secret weapon.

Our story begins with a legend steeped in mystery, centuries past in the depths of the Amazon jungle - back in a time when Yari, the moon goddess, bestowed the secret of the yerba maté leaf of the native Guarani.

The Guarani, the original keepers of the secret, prepared the leaf as tea in a infusion that unlocked powerful medicinal properties, delivering them rich nutrients that provided superior strength, vitality and refreshment.

We've come a long way since the mystics of the 16th century. We now better understand the potent health benefits of yerba maté and have transformed the myth into reality, unleashing its full power with a boom... introducing Growth Bomb.

We've taken the legend from the jungle into the laboratory. By extracting the organic compounds of the yerba maté leaf, we've distilled a potent formula charged with energy and rich in antioxindants. Growth Bomb is your secret weapon, packed with natural ingredients from the Amazon jungle proven to activate hair cells and provide charged growth.

Growth Bomb is now yours.

We've combined jungle legend with proven science, to power up your scalp health & achieve explosive hair growth.


We do not believe that haircare products need to be toxic to be luxurious and effective - and we have the scientific evidence to prove it. Growth Bomb exemplifies the best of nature combined with haircare, creating timeless collections that work wonders.


At Growth Bomb, our haircare experts are committed to developing and providing effective haircare formulas based on carefully selected ingredients, knowledge, traditional use and scientific evidence.


Learn more about Growth Bomb through our frequently asked questions by consumers just like yourself. From how-to instructions to product ingredients list, hair routine compatibilities, sustainability practices, and more, we cover the most asked questions in-depth here.